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Birthstone Jewellery

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

You’ve probably come across jewellery that incorporates your birthstone – the gemstone associated with your star sign or month of birth.  For millennia, people have believed in the influence of the stars on the course of their lives.  They have sought the advice of astrologers, avoided certain colours or numbers, and worn specific gemstones in a bid to increase good fortune and ward off bad.

But identifying your birthstone is a little more complicated than matching your star-sign with a gem.  Each day, month, zodiac sign and even time is linked to a gemstone—and often more than one!  Not only that, but different countries have different traditions and beliefs about the mystical role of gemstones in our lives.

The Navaratna, for example, is a piece of jewellery significant to many followers of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism, among others.  Meaning “Nine Gems” the Navaratna links each of the planets in our solar system with a gemstone and divine force.  The placement of these stones within each piece of jewellery is important, and it’s not uncommon for people to seek advice from an astrologer before the stones are set.

Navaratna |

The Navaratna Power Ring

If you’re trying to find your birthstone based on your astrological chart, you too could consult an astrologer or crystal healer!  You could also look at all the stones listed for your day, month and year of birth and find any common properties.  You could choose pieces featuring different stones for different situations and moods.  Or, why not incorporate several of your birthstones in one piece?

Gemstones by horoscope year

Zodiac animals differ from country to country – this list gives the traditional Chinese zodiac

Year of the Rat                Garnet

Year of the Ox                 Moonstone

Year of the Tiger             Zircon

Year of the Rabbit           Lapis lazuli or emerald

Year of the Dragon         Lapis lazuli

Year of the Snake           Diamond

Year of the Horse           Ruby

Year of the Sheep          Moonstone

Year of the Monkey        Topaz

Year of the Rooster        Garnet

Year of the Dog              Emerald

Year of the Pig                Lapis lazuli

Birthstones by day

Again, the stone associated with each day can vary depending on the country and belief system.  In Thailand, each day has a colour associated with it, so the day’s gemstone also has that colour.   This is a more general list.

Day Gem

Sunday                      Topaz, ruby or sunstone

Monday                     Moonstone, diamond or pearl

Tuesday                    Ruby, garnet or emerald

Wednesday              Cat’s eye chrysoberyl or amethyst

Thursday                 Sapphire, emerald or carnelian

Friday                      Rose quartz, topaz, peridot

Saturday                  Diamond, turquoise or sapphire

Birthstones by month:

January              Garnet

February            Amethyst

March                 Aquamarine

April                   Diamond

May                    Emerald

June                   Alexandrite, or pearl

July                    Ruby

August               Peridot

September         Sapphire

October             Tourmaline or opal

November         Topaz or citrine

December         Turquoise, tanzanite or Zircon

Birthstones by Zodiac sign

Aquarius             Garnet

Pisces                 Amethyst

Ares                    Bloodstone

Taurus                Sapphire

Gemini               Agate

Cancer               Emerald

Leo                     Onyx

Virgo                  Carnelian

Libra                  Chrysolite

Scorpio             Beryl

Sagittarius        Citrine

Capricorn         Ruby

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