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Gemstone Books for Travel

Every treasure needs a treasure map. Therefore, if you’re looking for precious jewels, you’ll need to be equipped with the right gemstone books. Through this book series, Kim details her experiences for all those who want to follow in her footsteps.


Whether you’re a novice, collector or gemmologist, it’s easy to get confused between stones if you don’t have the knowledge. The Gemstone Detective book series is the holy grail you’re looking for. Authored by expert gemmologist, Kim Rix, each book is designed to turn you into a gem-finding sleuth.


The books focus on gemstones found within that country and contain detailed descriptions of a gem's appearance, fun facts and how to care for your gem.  Also designed to be a travel guide, we've also included some gemstone-hunting places to visit like museums, tourist attractions and shops. Like a little black book, you'll also find Kim's recommendations and trusted places to buy.

Vanessa Thompson

I found Buying Gemstones & Jewellery In Sri Lanka The Gemstone Detective Series by Kim Rix – a little gem of a book. Especially as I was lucky enough to go there for my Honeymoon 25 years ago. It is a beautiful country to visit. This little book brought back lots of lovely special memories for me especially as we purchased a beautiful Sapphire from Sri Lanka and had a ring made there and I still wear it today.

This book is crammed with so much information on what to look for. Where to go, do’s and don’ts etc when you are purchasing gemstones. You could be anywhere in the world, this book would be a brilliant guidebook. If you want to purchase some gemstones to be made into something special. It was a lovely little book with so much information any traveller would love to read about.


I’m going to Sri Lanka soon so I thought this book could be interesting.
I was more than right. And Kim Rix is right when she says buying a fake could be a costly mistake. I should know – it’s happened to me!
There are so many pitfalls and this book takes you through them all. It won’t put me off buying but it will give me a great deal more confidence that I’ll get good value for money and not get ripped off. It tells you how you can get your purchases checked out for autenticity before you buy and even what not to wear when you go down to a market. I’m sure taking it with me. Here’s hoping!

Shirley Cooper

Kim Rix’s  second book in her series the Gemstone Detective –  this time on buying gemstones and jewellery in India – fills a gap in the average tourist’s knowledge on  a complex subject. She sets out descriptions of the gems likely to be found ;where best to go to buy and the questions to be asked ; and the assurances that should be given. She has a series of top tips to follow when buying that are essential to study and follow.  All this in 150 pages – but still in a booklet small enough to go in your pocket. Happy shopping!