This book is an essential beginner’s guide to gemstones in Myanmar, whether you are looking to buy or simply learn more about them.  It is a ‘how to’ manual for tourists, from gemstone enthusiasts and jewellers to those with little knowledge about gemstones.  I have written it to introduce you to Myanmar’s gemstone industry and to help guide you to making the right buying decision.


With the tourist industry still in its infancy, Myanmar is one of the few places a visitor can have a truly authentic experience.  There is so much on offer here – stunning scenery, gourmet food, the famous gem markets and a plethora of breath taking temples and pagodas, encrusted with gold and jewels. 


Myanmar (formerly Burma) is legendary for its beautiful gemstones and I want you to experience this fascinating country equipped with some essential knowledge and a large helping of confidence. 


This book will give you the vital information you need before making your purchase. 



Gemstone Detective: Buying Gemstones & Jewellery in Myanmar