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Tour reviews

Mark Smith - March 2020

Tour of Mogok - I’ve been wanting to go for 15 years and I finally got there. What an experience!! It more than lived up to my expectations. It’s a beautiful place. I saw so many gemstones. I’m one satisfied camper and if you’re in doubt – you’ve got to do it now – it’s awesome!

Beate Friling - March 2020

As a professional Goldsmith and gem setter, I always wanted to know where all these beauties I work with, come from. Now I’ve seen the people working in the mines and I appreciate the gemstones even more now.  Although we had a packed schedule, there was plenty of time to see everything we wanted, and to make our own experiences. The hotel was super, the food was gorgeous. I love it. I definitely recommend this tour and I'm looking forward to the other gemstone tours Kim is going to do.

Rie Hammaguchi - March 2020

"I love gemstones and the idea of learning about different gems would be a new skillset for me.  I’m always hungry for new knowledge.

Luckily, I was able to attend Kim’s first gemstone tour to Mogok (Burma) in February 2020 just before lockdown started. The tour was very unique. It’s not a normal buying tour – it was much more personal than that. Kim had a trust and connection with the local people which gave me peace of mind that I was not going to be ripped off.

I enjoyed meeting the people in the group, as well as the educational aspect of the tour, a bit like a workshop. Kim taught me how to use a gemmologists loupe properly and she sat with me at the gem market, explaining the gemstones were being shown to us (a bit like a mentor). And then I fell in love with a green gemstone called peridot. Kim helped me negotiate a good price for the quality of gemstone. I’m so proud of my purchase and back home, my friends are really impressed."

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