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Kim Rix provides bespoke 1:1 coaching and mentorship
to ambitious entrepreneurs who want to start selling gemstones.

Are you thinking about starting a new business venture selling gemstones?  You're probably not interested in formal training as a gemmologist but you know you want to trade or sell gemstones. Would you benefit some help and insight, as well as some easy solutions?

Spend an hour with me (Kim Rix), by video or in-person. I'm a Graduate Gemmologist, trained at GIA (Gemological Institute of America). 

I can answer your questions, help increase your gemmological knowledge and build your self-confidence.


If you want to become a trusted gem dealer and increase your chances of having a successful business with high value clients, work with me - you could save yourself a lot of time and stress and leave with some clarity and motivation! 

OUTSTANDING!!! Invaluable mentorship if you want to start selling gems. Her books are outstanding quality and usefulness. I paid for an hour session of mentoring - it was outstanding exceeded expectation. I am now well equipped to make a strong start in selling gems thanks to Kim."

Eugene Oteng, February 2023

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Google review)

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