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Step into the realm of gemstones with confidence and clarity. At Gemstone Detective, we provide you with the expertise, resources, and tools needed to distinguish genuine gemstones from imitations. Discover our comprehensive guides and expert insights to make informed decisions on your gemstone journey.



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Expert Insights: Gain from Kim's vast knowledge and global expertise.

Comprehensive Guides: Access detailed books and resources for secure gemstone purchases.

Engaging Content: Explore articles, videos, and interactive tools to deepen your gemstone knowledge.


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“Kim’s guidance saved me from a costly mistake. Her expertise is invaluable!” – Sarah J.

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This great pocket travelguide about gemstones 💎 in the USA is so informative and the photos are superb! 


Alexis Krawzow 

I find your writing informative and your books very colourful, with such inspiring insight into the world of Rocks.


Aleida Solis

There is no better gem for a wedding ring than a blue moonstone that we sourced ourselves using this book.


Sean Bond

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King's Coronation Crown

Kim Rix quoted by BBC for the Coronation of King Charles III in 2023, showcasing expertise in gemstones and jewellery...

"Gem expert Kim Rix says aquamarines would not have been on the original crown but were popular with royal jewellers like Fabergé at the turn of the century." 

Read the full article

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