About Kim: short media bio

Kim Rix is the creator of Gemstone Detective. She is a gemmologist, professional photographer and traveller/adventurist.

Passionate about gemstones, Kim bought a beautiful red gemstone in Egypt, which she was told was a natural Burmese ruby. It turned out to be an imitation made of glass. Driven by her mistake, she attended the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) in London to study gemmology and subsequently has written a book series to help others avoid being cheated. 

Kim lives in London with her husband, is well-travelled (70 countries) and spends her free time either socialising with other astro-photographers or hunting for treasure by metal detecting. 




Talking points 

Being a female solo traveller: how Kim travelled solo 4444kms around the Outback of Australia or, across  the USA.

Adoption: Kim was adopted into a multicultural family when she was 6 months old. 

Going down gem mines: Kim has experienced what it is like underground, down a gem mine in Sri Lanka and Australia. Other gem mines Kim has visited include: Mogok (Myanmar), South Africa, Thailand and USA.


Essential tips for buying gemstones & jewellery around the world: having travelled to each of the countries covered in the book series, Kim has first-hand knowledge of the gem trade. 


Caring for your jewellery:  many gemstones need special care to prevent them from being ruined. Kim shares her best jewellery care tips. 





Previously featured in...


December 2020 - Interviewed by David Brough of Jewellery Outlook, Gemstone Detective is featured in Jewellery Connoisseur by Rapaport 

Kim Rix is a regular contributor to Gemmology Today magazine, issued by the World Gem Foundation.

November 2020 – Kim Rix gave a (virtual) talk and presentation to the GIA Alumni across the world

October 2020 – Kim Rix was a (virtual) speaker at the Inaugural Jewellery Industry Virtual Fair in Australia

October 2020 - Kim Rix was awarded Portrait Photographer of the Year by 2020 UK Enterprise Awards hosted by SME-News.

September 2020 - Kim Rix was interviewed by David Brough, Jewellery Outlook (podcast)

February 2020 – Kim Rix was a guest speaker on stage at a Kevin Green wealth event (audience 350 people)

July 2019 – Kim spoke on stage at the Globe Trotters Club in London UK about her book travels. (audience 100 travellers)

June 2019 - Kim Rix was interviewed by The Jewellery Editor and featured online. 

July 2018 - Kim Rix was interviewed about Gemstone Detective on Outback Radio, Lightning Ridge, Australia

2018 - Gemstone Detective was featured in fiftyandfab lifestyle blog

2018 - Gemstone Detective was featured on Over Forty and Mum to One blog

October 2018 - Gemstone Detective was featured in Travelmag blog

October 2018 - Gemstone Detective was featured in Jewellery Outlook 

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