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About Kim Rix: media bio

Kim Rix, 54, is a gemmologist qualified by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), public speaker and international author of the Gemstone Detective book series. 

After being scammed on holiday in Egypt, when her purchased “genuine Burmese ruby” turned out to be glass, she put her wedding photography business on hold to retrain as a gemmologist. 


Married, kid-free, living with arrhythmia (heart disease) and only a couple of years away from 50, Kim felt the need to do something purposeful with her life that would continue to benefit others in the future. Kim embarked on a mission to help educate and spread knowledge of gemstones, aiming to protect the consumer from the minefield of scams and cons around the world.


Kim has since travelled all over the world, mainly solo, exploring Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, Australia, USA and Myanmar (Burma), as well as her home UK nations. Her explorations of the gem trade have identified the tricks that exist in these countries. 


These global travels have led Kim to become an expert in the industry and to write her series of 8 Gemstone Detective books. These provide tourists and enthusiasts with the basic knowledge to make informed decisions, feel confident and enjoy the experience of buying a gem abroad. The books have been endorsed by both trade professionals and global embassies.


As a guest speaker, she talks of her solo travels, gemstone tourism and ethical practices, as well as shares lots of tips and advice on buying gemstones and jewellery. 




Talking points 

Being a female solo traveller: Kim travelled solo 4444kms around the Outback of Australia to research the opals shows for the book. Also for book research, Kim travelled solo around USA, India, Thailand and Great Britain.

Adoption: Kim was adopted into a multicultural family when she was 6 weeks old. 

Going down gem mines: Kim has experienced what it is like underground, inside a gem mine in Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Australia. Other open-pit gem mines Kim has visited include: Mogok (Myanmar), South Africa, Thailand and USA.


Essential tips for buying gemstones & jewellery around the world: having travelled to each of the countries covered in the book series, Kim has first-hand knowledge of the gem trade. 


Caring for your jewellery:  many gemstones need special care to prevent them from being ruined. Kim shares her best jewellery care tips. 





Kim's promotional activities

November 2023 - Kim Rix travelled to Kelvin College in Glasgow to speak to the Jewellery students about her travels and findings. 

November 2023 - Kim Rix was interviewed by Hello Magazine


October 2023 - Kim Rix was interviewed by Glamour Magazine about her recent trip to Tanzania to research her family heritage. 


September 2023 - Gemmology Today magazine (World Gem Foundation) featured Gemstone Detective in Tanzania

May 2023 - Gem expert, Kim Rix, was quoted in a BBC article titled "The dazzling crown that will make a King".

Autumn 2021 - Speaker at the SGA (Scottish Gemmological Association) Autumn Symposium - Buying Gemstones in Myanmar (Burma).

July 2021 - Guest speaker at Gem-A North West (Gemmological Association of Great Britain. Online talk titled "The Highlights and Pitfalls of Gemstone Tourism'

May 2019 - Kim Rix featured in Female First magazine - Seven Things You Never Knew About Gemstones

December 2020 - Interviewed by David Brough of Jewellery Outlook, Gemstone Detective is featured in Jewellery Connoisseur by Rapaport 

Kim Rix is a regular contributor to Gemmology Today magazine, issued by the World Gem Foundation.

November 2020 – Gave a (virtual) talk and presentation to the GIA Alumni worldwide.

October 2020 – Was a (virtual) speaker at the Inaugural Jewellery Industry Virtual Fair in Australia

October 2020 - Awarded Portrait Photographer of the Year by 2020 UK Enterprise Awards hosted by SME-News.

September 2020 - Interviewed by David Brough, Jewellery Outlook (podcast)

February 2020 – Presentation: Investing in Gemstones - Kim Rix was a guest speaker on stage at a Kevin Green wealth event (audience 350 people)

July 2019 – Guest speaker at the Globe Trotters Club in London UK about her book travels. (audience 100 travellers)

June 2019 - Interviewed by The Jewellery Editor and featured online. 

July 2018 - Interviewed about Gemstone Detective on Outback Radio, Lightning Ridge, Australia

2018 - Gemstone Detective was featured in fiftyandfab lifestyle blog

2018 - Gemstone Detective was featured on Over Forty and Mum to One blog

October 2018 - Gemstone Detective was featured in Travelmag blog

October 2018 - Gemstone Detective was featured in Jewellery Outlook 

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