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Gemstone Discovery Tour
South Tanzania

27 July to 10 August 2024
26 July - 9 August 2025 

One week option available on request

Join Hubert Heldner and Kim Rix (Gemstone Detective) on an unforgettable 14-day exploration of South Tanzania's gemstone treasures. This immersive journey will take you on a 2,500-kilometer adventure, delving into the heart of Tanzania's gemstone mining regions.

As you traverse the diverse landscapes of South Tanzania, you'll have the opportunity to witness firsthand the fascinating world of gemstone mining. Engage in hands-on experiences, including:

  • Unearthing Gemstone Treasures: Participate in actual gemstone mining activities, learning the techniques and methods employed by local miners.

  • Keeping Your Discoveries: Every gemstone you unearth during the tour is yours to keep, a unique souvenir of your Tanzanian adventure.

  • Exploring Local Geology: Gain insights into the geological formations that give rise to Tanzania's rich gemstone deposits.

  • Interacting with Local Miners: Meet the hardworking individuals who dedicate their lives to extracting these precious stones.

This educational gemstone tour goes beyond mere exploration; it's a journey of learning and cultural immersion.

Embrace the Adventure

This gemstone tour is not just about discovering precious stones; it's about embracing the adventure and immersing yourself in the vibrant culture of South Tanzania. You'll experience:

  • Scenic Landscapes: Journey through breathtaking landscapes, from rugged mountains to lush rainforests.

  • Cultural Encounters: Engage with local communities, experiencing their traditions and way of life.

  • Authentic Tanzania Experiences: Savour authentic Tanzanian cuisine, immerse yourself in local markets, and create unforgettable memories.

Embark on this extraordinary gemstone tour and uncover the hidden treasures of South Tanzania. Unearth precious stones, gain valuable knowledge, and create lasting memories amidst Tanzania's stunning landscapes.


Terms & conditions apply.

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