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Blue Topaz Gemstone

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Travelling is always an adventure, and for many, finding that perfect gemstone souvenir can be the highlight of their trip. But have you ever wondered if your passion for gemstones goes beyond just buying them? Take this fun and engaging quiz to discover whether you have what it takes to study gemmology and become a qualified gemmologist, or if you simply enjoy collecting beautiful stones as part of your travel memories!

Welcome to our Gemmology Quiz!

Ready to find out if you're meant to dive deep into the curious world of gemmology? This fun quiz is just for you!


With 9 quick questions, we’ll explore your feelings and habits around gemstones. Don’t overthink it—just go with your gut! At the end, you’ll get to work out your own score and see where your passion might lead you. Let’s jump in and see if gemmology is your true calling!

Question 1:
How Do You Feel When You Find a Beautiful Gemstone While Travelling?

A) Thrilled! I love the idea of owning a unique piece from another country.
B) Curious. I want to know everything about it—where it's from, its properties, etc.
C) Excited but cautious. I need to be sure it’s authentic before purchasing.
D) Indifferent. It’s just another souvenir to me.

Question 2:
What Would You Do If You Discovered Your Souvenir Gemstone Was Fake?

A) Feel disappointed but accept it as a learning experience.
B) Be determined to understand how to spot fakes in the future.
C) Investigate the seller and try to get a refund or replacement.
D) Shrug it off and move on.

Question 3:
How Often Do You Research Gemstones Before Making a Purchase?

A) Rarely. I buy what catches my eye.
B) Often. I read up on the gemstone and its characteristics.
C) Sometimes. I ask questions to the seller and do a quick online check.
D) Never. I rely on luck and the seller's honesty.
Tourmaline necklace from Myanmar Burma

Question 4:
You Come Across a Gemstone Market in a Foreign Country. What Do You Do First?

A) Start browsing and pick out the most beautiful stones.
B) Look for reputable sellers and ask detailed questions about the gemstones.
C) Compare prices and quality before making a decision.
D) Walk through quickly without much interest.

Question 5:
How Do You Feel About Learning the Science Behind Gemstones?

A) It sounds interesting, but I’m more about the aesthetics.
B) I’m fascinated! I want to know everything about their formation and properties.
C) It’s important to me, especially for making informed purchases.
D) Not really interested. I prefer to appreciate their beauty without getting too technical.

Question 6:
When You See a Beautiful Gemstone, What’s Your First Thought?

A) How can I add this to my collection?
B) I wonder what its history and geological background are.
C) Is this gemstone genuine and worth the price?
D) That’s pretty, but I’m not interested in buying it.
Pineapple Opal in Australia

Question 7:
How Do You Handle the Gemstones You Already Own?

A) I display them proudly but don’t think much about their care.
B) I research the best ways to care for each type of gemstone.
C) I handle them carefully and ensure they are stored properly.
D) They’re just scattered around; I don’t pay them much attention.

Question 8:
What’s Your Reaction to Learning About Gemstone Treatments and Enhancements?

A) Surprised. I didn’t know that was a thing.
B) Intrigued. I want to learn how these processes work.
C) Concerned. I want to ensure I’m buying untreated, natural stones.
D) Uninterested. It doesn’t really matter to me.

Question 9:
How Do You Feel About Sharing Your Gemstone Knowledge with Others?

A) I enjoy showing off my gems but don’t feel the need to educate others.
B) I love talking about gemstones and sharing what I’ve learned.
C) I’m happy to offer advice to friends and family when they ask.
D) I rarely discuss my gemstones with others.
A wonderful labradorite specimen in Jaipur, India.jpg



Gemstone Enthusiast
You love gemstones for their beauty and the memories they hold, but you might not have the deep curiosity or drive needed to study gemmology formally. You appreciate gemstones as beautiful souvenirs and keepsakes.


Future Gemmologist
Your curiosity and passion for understanding gemstones go beyond mere aesthetics. You have a strong interest in the science and history of gemstones, making you a perfect candidate for studying gemmology at an institution like the GIA.


Informed Buyer
You’re cautious and thoughtful about your gemstone purchases, and while you have a keen interest in their authenticity and quality, your main focus is on being a savvy consumer. Studying gemmology could still be a great fit for you if you want to deepen your knowledge and confidence in the gem market.


Casual Collector
Gemstones are just one of many interests for you, and while you appreciate their beauty, you don’t have a strong drive to delve into the complexities of gemmology. You enjoy them as part of your travel experiences but don’t feel the need to study them further.


Whether you're a gemstone enthusiast, an informed buyer, or a future gemmologist, your love for gemstones can lead to many fascinating adventures. If this quiz has sparked your curiosity, dive deeper into the enchanting world of gemstones with Gemstone Detective. Explore our resources, gem-travel guides, and blog to enrich your knowledge and make your gemstone journey even more rewarding.

Visit Gemstone Detective more insights, tips, and stories from the captivating world of gemstones. 

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