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Gemstone Detective Blog

Want to learn from an expert?


This gemstone blog is run by renowned gemmologist, Kim Rix, to impart all the knowledge she has learnt since 2015. Finding precious stones is a passion for her. It’s what drove her across the world searching for real-life information. She authored the Gemstone Detective series which has inspired many others to pursue their gem-sleuthing dreams.


Her goal has been to spread lessons she learnt the hard way and simplify the world of gemstones for others. Additionally, as a photographer, author and solo traveller she has much to offer her audience in terms of wisdom.


This blog is an aggregate of just that. For gemstone enthusiasts, it details their properties, descriptions, locations, and the best practices for obtaining them. Furthermore, you can explore how precious stones can be used in your everyday lives. How to incorporate them or design them in a way to suit your personal taste.


If you’re interested in any of the above, be sure to read all our blogs. If you would like a more comprehensive guide on gems, feel free to check out our Gemstone Detective book series.

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