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Lucky Gemstones

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Could these 5 gemstones bring you the luck of the Irish? Today is St Patrick’s day, so pick up one of these 5 lucky gemstones to bring you the luck of the Irish!

While preparing to write this blog, I was intrigued to discover that the phrase ‘luck of the Irish’ actually has its origins in the 19th century American Gold Rush. So many of the prospectors who struck gold in the Californian mines were of Irish descent, that people began to associate good fortune with Irish ethnicity.

If you feel that you, too, could do with catching a break, why not try one—or more—of these 5 lucky gemstones?

Tigers Eye is said to be a great lucky talisman in times of doubt or indecision. This lustrous gemstone in shades of brown, with stripes that appear to float across the surface, has long been used to bring courage, verve and luck to those who carry it with them.

Citrine is also known as the ‘Merchant’s Stone’ thanks to its mystical properties that are thought to bring luck to business ventures and financial matters.

Lucky gemstones citrine |

If you’ve been feeling rather unlucky in the relationships stakes, Rose Quartz is the stone for you. Rose quartz’s pretty, pale pink hues reflect its status as the stone of love and romance. Carry it with you in a pocket or wear it as jewellery and you’ll be sure to find your Prince or Princess Charming soon!

Gorgeous green aventurine even has a lucky name. It’s derived from the Italian ‘a ventura’, which means ‘by chance’—a reference to the lucky discovery of aventurine in the 18th century. Aventurine is nicknamed ‘the Gambler’s Stone’, so make sure you pick up a lottery ticket if you’re carrying it with you!

Carnelian is believed by many to be one of the luckiest gemstones of all. This fiery orange stone is said to instil confidence and motivation in its wearer, making it a great gemstone for acing a job interview. Napoleon Bonaparte wore a watch studded with carnelians for good luck, and German poet Goethe described carnelian as a talisman that brings good luck to those who believe in it.

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