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Gemstone Fairs and Markets: Discover Hidden Treasures Across the UK and Scotland

Exploring gemstone fairs is an adventurous and educational activity for families and enthusiasts. From bustling cities to quaint towns, the United Kingdom and Scotland offer numerous opportunities to discover sparkling gems, intricate minerals, and unique handcrafted jewellery. Whether you're a dedicated hobbyist or simply looking for a memorable family outing, these markets provide a treasure trove of experiences.

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Here's a list of some Gemstone Fairs UK to help get you started:

Brighton, England

The Brighton Rock Gem Show is renowned for its diverse array of gemstones, minerals, and fossils. This event caters to collectors, enthusiasts, and families looking to learn more about the fascinating world of geology.

Harrogate, England

The Harrogate Rock, Gem 'n' Bead Show offers a vibrant selection of gemstones, crystals, beads, and jewellery. It’s a must-visit for those eager to expand their collection or find unique decorative pieces.

Bakewell, Derbyshire

At the Bakewell Rock Exchange, you'll find one of the UK's premier gem and mineral fairs. This event features dealers from around the world, presenting a vast selection of stones, minerals, and fossils.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Regular Rock, Gem & Bead Shows held in Edinburgh provide an excellent platform for gemmologists, hobbyists, and families to explore and trade. These events are perfect for discovering Scotland's geological treasures.

Scottish Highlands landscape | Gemstone Detective

Llandudno, Wales

The North Wales Rock and Gem Show in Llandudno is known for its comprehensive selection of gemstones, minerals, and handcrafted jewellery, making it a delightful visit for families and collectors alike.

Newton Abbot, Devon

The Newton Abbot Gem and Crystal Fair offers a charming market experience with a variety of gemstones, crystals, and holistic goods available, perfect for an engaging family day out.

Isle of Harris, Scotland

While not exclusively gemstone-focused due to its SSSI status, the Local Artisan Markets on the Isle of Harris frequently feature local handcrafted sea glass jewellery. The island's natural beauty adds to the charm of your adventure.

Birmingham, England

The International Gem & Jewellery Show in Birmingham is an expansive event showcasing gemstones, minerals, and jewellery from global vendors. This show is perfect for those looking to experience a wide selection of international gems.

London, England

The Kempton Park Rock & Gem Show is a major event where you’ll find a vast array of gemstones, minerals, and fossils. It’s an excellent destination for serious collectors or curious families.

Glastonbury, Somerset

The Glastonbury Mystical Market features a diverse selection of gemstones, crystals, and holistic products. Nestled in a town known for its mystical heritage, this market makes for a unique and enchanting visit.

Glastonbury Tor | Gemstone Detective


Exploring these gemstone fairs provides families and gem enthusiasts with unforgettable adventures and opportunities to discover unique treasures. Whether you're in a large city like London or a scenic locale like the Isle of Harris, there's something magical about unearthing hidden gems together.

To enhance your journey, don't forget to bring along the Gemstone Detective book for Great Britain. This guide offers valuable insights, tips for identifying genuine gemstones, and fascinating historical context, making it an indispensable companion for your travels.

The book not only helps you find the best markets and fairs but also equips you with knowledge to make informed purchases, ensuring that you return home with genuine treasures. It’s an educational tool that adds depth to your adventure, making it more enriching and rewarding.

Plan your visit to Gemstone Fairs UK

Plan your next family outing around these fascinating events, and make sure to check out and bring the Gemstone Detective book for Great Britain to elevate your experience. With this guide in hand, you'll be well-prepared to explore, discover, and learn together, creating lasting memories filled with the beauty and wonder of gemstones.

Happy gem-hunting!

Kim Rix GG GIA

Gemstone Detective

Be sure. Be smart. Buy with confidence

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