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What’s current in gemstone jewellery?

As a lover of gemstones, it always fascinates me how shifts in our world-view are reflected in gemstone jewellery trends.  As our modern urban life with its focus on technology impacts ever more on our sense of wellbeing, we are increasingly aware of the need to make time for mindfulness and reconnect with the natural world – you can see this idea taking hold in contemporary jewellery collections everywhere.

Gold accents: A thin layer of gold pressed around an uneven edge or coating one end of an elongated stone, is contemporary yet also delicately feminine.  Perfectly balancing stone and setting, it makes a feature of both while keeping the piece subtle.  Pasquale Monvoisin’s stunning moonstone and opal pendant sets the standard.

Cutting-edge statement style: Move over, classic gemstone cuts!  Individualism is the way forward.  In a noisy digital world, where finding your niche becomes ever more difficult, it makes sense that unusual gemstone shapes and cuts are popping up all over the place.  At the tamer end of the scale, you could try a simple crystal wand or agate slice.  Looking for something really bold?  Check out this eye-catching ring by Maud Traon!

Rough stones : Rough stones are having a moment.  Wearing your gemstones rough is about getting back to nature and enjoying beauty in its simplest, purest form – it’s the gemstone jewellery equivalent of the no-make up look.  Uncut stones don’t have to be dull though, as this stunning bracelet from Poppy Jewellery demonstrates.

Stones with more bang for your buck : Continuing from a growing movement to appreciate nature, jewellers are harnessing the intriguing natural patterns and colour variations of gemstones like agate, watermelon tourmaline and jasper.  Pair these striking stones with an unusual setting and you’ve got a truly unique piece.

Navaratna |

The Navaratna Power Ring

Multi-stone rings and necklaces: Why choose just one stone?  The stacking ring trend is showing no signs of slowing down this season and it’s easy to understand why.  Stacking rings give you more for your money as each piece can be worn on its own or combined in multiple ways to prioritise shapes or colours. Layer pendants in different lengths to get a look bespoke to you, or try a multi-stone necklace like this one from Victoria Beckham’s Autumn 2018 collection.

Kim Rix GG (GIA)

Be sure. Be smart. Buy with confidence

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