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Discover the Magic of Ruby: July's Birthstone and All You Need to Know

Updated: Jul 2

Hey there, gemstone enthusiasts! Today, we're diving into the world of one of the most mesmerising gemstones out there – the ruby. As July's birthstone, the ruby holds a special place in many hearts (including my own), and it’s easy to see why. Let’s explore the charm and allure of this beautiful gem together.

July birthstone ruby

Why Ruby is So Special?

Rubies are more than just a pretty stone; they symbolise passion, protection, and prosperity. Their deep red colour has been admired throughout history, making them one of the most sought-after gemstones. Whether you're a July baby or simply a lover of beautiful things, the ruby has something to offer you.

Historical Significance

Did you know that rubies have been revered for centuries? Kings and queens adorned themselves with rubies as a symbol of wealth and power. In some cultures, people even believed that rubies could protect them in battle and bring good fortune. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Benefits of Wearing Ruby

Apart from its rich history, wearing a ruby has practical benefits too. It is said to boost your confidence, enhance your passion for life, and even improve your overall health. So, if you're looking to add some fiery energy and vibrant vibes to your life, a ruby might just be what you need.

Test Your Knowledge

How Much Do You Know About Ruby? Ready to put your ruby knowledge to the test? Take this fun quiz and see how much you really know about this incredible gemstone!

Test Your Knowledge: How Much Do You Know About Ruby?


1.   What element gives rubies their red colour? 

      A. Iron

      B. Chromium

      C. Zinc

      D. Copper


2.   In which country are the most famous rubies found? 

      A. India

      B. Australia

      C. Myanmar (Burma)

      D. Brazil


3.   Which month’s birthstone is ruby? 

      A. January

      B. February

      C. July

      D. December


4.   What is the hardness level of ruby on the Mohs scale? 

      A. 6

      B. 7

      C. 9

      D. 10


5.   What is the meaning of the name 'ruby'? 

      A. Royalty

      B. Red

      C. Fire

      D. Strength


6.   In ancient times, what did people believe ruby could protect them from? 

      A. Wild animals

      B. Illness

      C. Evil spirits

      D. Bad weather


7.   Which famous historical figure was known to have worn rubies for protection? 

      A. Cleopatra

      B. Julius Caesar

      C. Napoleon Bonaparte

      D. Alexander the Great


8.   What country produces the "Pigeon Blood" rubies, known for their deep red colour? 

      A. Thailand

      B. India

      C. Sri Lanka

      D. Myanmar (Burma)


9.   Rubies are a type of which mineral? 

      A. Quartz

      B. Corundum

      C. Beryl

      D. Topaz


10.   What famous museum houses one of the largest rubies in the world, known as the "Rosser Reeves Star Ruby"? 

      A. The Louvre

      B. The Smithsonian

      C. The British Museum

      D. The Metropolitan Museum of Art


11.   Which of the following gemstones is NOT a ruby but closely resembles it? 

      A. Garnet

      B. Spinel

      C. Red Sapphire

      D. Carnelian


12.   What did early cultures believe a ruby could do when dropped in water? 

      A. Boil the water

      B. Sink to the bottom

      C. Change the water's  colour

      D. Float on the surface


13.   What is the world’s largest uncut ruby? 

      A. The Carmen Lucia Ruby

      B. The Liberty Bell Ruby

      C. The Neelanjali Ruby

      D. The Sunrise Ruby


14.   What notable phrase is associated with the fluorescence of rubies under UV light? 

      A. Ruby Glow

      B. Ruby Spark

      C. Ruby Shine

      D. Ruby Flash


15.   Which innovative technology uses synthetic rubies in its design? 

      A. Watches

      B. Lasers

      C. Televisions

      D. Computers


Quiz Answers: How Much Do You Know About Ruby?


1.   B. Chromium   - It's the chromium that gives rubies their brilliant red hue. This element is the secret sauce!

2.   C. Myanmar (Burma)   - The land of the finest rubies. If you're looking for the crème de la crème of rubies, Myanmar is the place!

3.   C. July   - Happy birthday to all July babies! You get to claim this stunning gemstone.

4.   C. 9   - On the Mohs scale of hardness, rubies score a solid 9. Tough enough to handle almost anything!

5.   B. Red   - The name 'ruby' comes from the Latin word 'ruber', which simply means 'red'.

6.   C. Evil spirits   - Ancient folks believed rubies could ward off evil spirits. Better safe than sorry, right?

7.   D. Alexander the Great   - This legendary conqueror carried rubies for protection in battles. Talk about a good-luck charm!

8.   D. Myanmar (Burma)   - Again, Myanmar takes the crown with its "Pigeon Blood" rubies. Those deep reds are unmatched.

9.   B. Corundum   - Rubies are a type of corundum. Who knew this mineral was hiding such beauty within it?

10.   B. The Smithsonian   - The Rosser Reeves Star Ruby sparkles brightly at the Smithsonian. It's a star attraction!

11.   B. Spinel   - This gemstone often masquerades as a ruby. Quite the shapeshifter!

12.   A. Boil the water   - Dropping a ruby in water was believed to make it boil. Spicy!

13.   B. The Liberty Bell Ruby   - This uncut ruby is a massive marvel. Bigger isn’t just better, it’s breath-taking!

14.   D. Ruby Flash   - Under UV light, rubies give off a spectacular "Ruby Flash". It's like a party trick for gemstones!

15.   B. Lasers   - Synthetic rubies are key in laser technology. Who knew rubies could be so high-tech?


How did you score? Do you feel like a ruby aficionado now?

Share Your Love for Ruby

Do you own any ruby jewellery? Or perhaps you have a special story about rubies? Drop a comment below and share your ruby experiences with us.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Stay passionate and keep shining, my friends!

Kim Rix GG GIA

Be sure. Be smart. Buy with Confidence. 

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