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Discover the Top 5 Reasons Why Tucson's Gem Shows Should Be on Your Bucket List

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Tucson is one of the world’s largest gem shows and arguably probably the most famous, but in case you need more persuasion to go ahead and book that plane ticket, here are some more reasons why jewellery industry professionals, from old hands to newbies, should put Tucson at the top of their bucket list of gem shows.

You’ll meet traders from all over the world

If you want to talk to traders about any given culture’s style of jewellery, have questions about the gem trade in a particular country, or simply want to make some overseas contacts, Tucson is the place to do it. It’s estimated that dealers from over 30 different countries attend the Tucson showcase annually, so you’ll be sure to find the answers to your queries, network to your heart’s content and leave with pockets full of business cards.

Five reasons to visit Tucson |

You’ll come away knowing SO much more than when you arrived

One of the most wonderful things about the gem and mineral world is its community. Tucson is packed full of enthusiasts, from hobbyists to long-standing professionals, and almost all are keen to share their knowledge and experience. Not only that, but many of the shows host lectures and discussion panels to help you add to your store of gemstone knowledge and understanding.

Five reasons to visit Tucson |

You’ll save a bundle by buying direct

Tucson is a fantastic opportunity to snap up some bargains. In fact, many jewellers and artisan craftspeople go to Tucson with the intention of buying in a whole year’s worth of stock and materials. You’ll be able to do business with wholesale dealers, gem merchants and even miners at the various shows without intervening middlemen driving up the prices.

Five reasons to visit Tucson |

You’ll find enough inspiration to last a lifetime

The only way you could fail to be inspired at Tucson is to spend the whole trip with your eyes shut. Tucson’s 40 different shows, each with a different flavour, offer staggering variety. You’ll see thousands of different styles of jewellery from many countries and cultures. You’ll be dazzled by incredible gemstone and mineral specimens so valuable that museums can’t afford to buy them. Your creativity will go into overdrive, sizing up colours, shapes and patterns and coming up with combinations you’d never have dreamed of before Tucson.

Fifth and best reason…

So, if I’ve convinced you that it’s time to book those flights, keep your eyes peeled for future blogs on Tucson and don’t forget to pack a signed-copy of Buying Gemstones and Jewellery in the USA .

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