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5 Gemstones for a healthy pet

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Today is National Love Your Pet Day so let’s talk about gemstones for a healthy pet. Afterall, nothing shows you love your pet more than taking good care of their health.   Many people I’ve met on my travels swear by gemstone therapy to aid all sorts of ailments, both spiritual and physical.  Of course, what works for us can also work for our four-legged friends, so here are gemstones said to aid pet health as a complementary treatment alongside care from a trained vet. 

Attach the gemstones (safely) to a collar, position them under a favourite bed or hold in one hand while petting your furry companion with the other.  Try these 5 gemstones for a healthy pet:

Serpentine: Despite its name, serpentine isn’t just for snakes.  Its mottled green appearance may resemble a scaly body, but serpentine is said to be particularly good for detoxifying the body and ridding it of parasites.  Dogs and cats in particular could benefit from this gemstone, as they are prone to picking up fleas and worms as they roam.  Serpentine may also help small animals such as guinea pigs and birds recover from an infestation of mites.

Rose Quartz Gemstones for a healthy pet |

Rose Quartz – Gemstones for a healthy pet

Rose quartz: As described in the Worldwide book, Rose quartz is the stone of love, so a great choice if your beloved pet is a rescue.  It is said to reduce stress and increase feelings of attachment, so could help a fearful or abused animal to feel secure and accepting of love and affection.  Rose quartz is also reported to aid in the healing of wounds, so is a good stone to have in case of injury.

Bloodstone : Bloodstone is used to cleanse the body of toxins, so is particularly good for the liver or kidney issues that often arise in pets as they age.  If your pet has an infection from a cut or bite, bloodstone can support recovery and help to strengthen the immune system. 

Amber : Amber, a fascinating organic gemstone, is believed to be a powerful healer and painkiller.  You may well have seen babies wearing amber necklaces, which are said to help with the pain of teething.  Amber is used in particular for diseases of the ears, nose and throat, and to support the respiratory system.  It could be just what you need when your dog develops kennel cough, or your ageing cat is having trouble with her teeth.

Amber Gemstones for a healthy pet |

Sapphire: found in Sri Lanka and Thailand, Sapphire is the gemstone for pet parents whose dogs and cats are irresistibly drawn to eating unidentifiable things, resulting in sickness and a runny tummy.  Proponents of gemstone healing say that sapphire is brilliant for gastro-related issues including food poisoning.  If only your pet would learn not to eat those horrid things in the first place!

Gemstones for a healthy pet. Interesting, isn’t it?

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