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The world's first Gemstone Detective

Updated: Apr 24

A very warm welcome to the Gemstone Detective book series. Imagine for a moment, sweeping white beaches against a clear, azure sea. Imagine local markets, ancient temples, exotic fruits and the scent of flowers on the evening breeze. It’s been a perfect holiday.

Perhaps you and your loved one have just made the decision to spend the rest of your lives together? Perhaps you and your girlfriends are together on a longed-for reunion trip? Or perhaps you’re celebrating your independence by backpacking around Southeast Asia?

You want to mark the occasion with a souvenir of your incredible trip – and what better than a beautiful piece of jewellery? The next day, you go shopping…

But where should you start? How do you buy a gemstone or jewellery abroad with confidence? How can you tell whether the gem lying before you on the shop counter is a genuine sapphire, a semi-precious substitute or – much worse – a piece of glass?

Your quandary is exactly why I launched Gemstone Detective in 2018to help you find buy a gem abroad without falling victim to the scammers.

Gemstone Detective | Kim Rix

I have loved gems all my life. I’m a professional photographer and gemmologist with qualifications from the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) – the world’s most respected gemmological research body. Over the last 10 years I have visited almost 50 different countries in pursuit of the perfect shots, the perfect gemstones. Along the way, I have worked alongside leading gemmological experts. I’ve made contacts worldwide within the gem trade.

And, while I’ve certainly had my own brushes with the con-artists and tricksters of this world, I’ve met hundreds of the good guys too – the hard-working miners, dealers and jewellers whose work is supporting their families and educating their kids.

There’s a lot of confusing information out there. It’s hard to know what to believe on review sites and it’s hard to find everything you need in one place. That’s where the Gemstone Detective series comes in. Each one will give you all the local knowledge you need to feel confident about getting the real deal for the best price.

But these books are also about something much deeper than getting more diamond for your dollar. The Gemstone Detective series is about the experience – the romance – of buying a gem abroad. It’s about connecting your gem with incredible memories and smiling when you look down at the ring on your finger. It’s about bringing a little of that holiday sparkle back home with you and wearing it next to your heart.


I hope that my blog inspires you to take your next adventure and delve into the treasure trove of natural gemstones and jewellery! Happy gem hunting!

Kim Rix, GG (GIA)

Be sure. Be smart. Buy with confidence. 

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