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Proud Author Moments at World Travel Market 2018

Yesterday, I spent the day at the World Travel Market London. At the Sri Lanka stand, I was very fortunate to meet Manisha Gunasekera, the newly appointed High Commissioner of Sri Lanka to the United Kingdom. I was also delighted to sit down with Madubhani Perera, the Director of Marketing, Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau. Two incredibly proud author moments I shall remember for the rest of my life.

Being at World Travel Market 2018, it also made sense to connect with other Tourism Boards and Airlines from countries to be included in the Gemstone Detective book series – Vietnam, South Africa, Tanzania and India to name a few.

Here are a few photos taken with my mobile phone. The first photo shows the meeting I had with Madubhani Perera. The second photo I took shows how busy it was at the World Travel Market 2018 yesterday. Thirdly, I couldn’t resist the photo opportunity with the very attractive Sri Lankan dancers – they were very happy to oblige.

 Meeting with Madubhani Perera |

World Travel Market |

Sri Lanka Book | Gemstone Detective

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