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Mogok gem buying trip

I am delighted to announce that our inaugural ‘Gemstone Tours with the Gemstone Detective‘ is a Mogok gem buying trip.

This gem buying trip is for non-professionals i.e. gem collector hobbyists and jewellery connoisseurs. You will have the opportunity to access Mogok’s legendary ruby, sapphire and spinel mines. You will gain an invaluable insight into the region’s history, local culture and we will try to give you an experience of mining (washing and sifting the gem gravels).

In addition, you will be taken to the daily gemstone markets, visit a Goldsmith, watch gemstones being cut and polished and, visit some of Mogok’s finest gem-painting artists.

But, not wishing to spoil all the surprises, this five nights / six days adventure trip includes so much more than that! It will be an adventure of a lifetime!

Terms and conditions:

This gem buying trip is for a small group, each person paying £975. Included in the cost are permission papers to enter Mogok, local driven transportation by an experienced driver, separate baggage transportation, a local English-speaking guide, lunch and dinner each day.

It is the responsibility of each person to organise their own visa, if required, and transport to the meeting point in Mandalay. You are also responsible for settling up with the hotel directly (your accommodation will be pre-booked by us on your behalf).

In order to secure your place on the trip, you must pay a non-refundable deposit of £250 now, followed by the balance by 15 January, 2020.

Finally, Kim Rix reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary in the light of any unforeseen political or environmental circumstances that could compromise the safety of everyone on this trip.

Call 020 8989 4886 to book your seat in the mini-van!

Gemstone Detective

Be sure. Be smart. Buy with confidence

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