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Gemstone Tours

Unique experiences for the serious hobbyist and
off the beaten path traveller

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Looking for your next one-of-a-kind adventure?
Want to immerse yourself in a new culture?
Thirsty for gemstone knowledge and experience of the local gem trade from mine to market?

Gemstone Tours with Gemstone Detective are escorted group tours to destinations where gemstones originate. We visit the leading sources of colour gemstones, in search of ruby, sapphire, emerald, jade, opal

and many other gemstones.

Kim Rix has independently organised an itinerary for a small group of travellers. Each tour itinerary is different but generally includes ground transportation and an English-speaking tour guide with local knowledge.  

Gemstone Detective has Tour Operators’ Liability Insurance in accordance with UK package travel regulations.

A Gemstone Tour gives you:

A unique opportunity to learn about the gem trade in a foreign country

An opportunity for a hands-on experience

Visit gem mines, gem markets, gem & jewellery shops 

An insight into the local culture and way of life

An introduction to our trusted suppliers


Serious about travelling with us?

Read our Gemstone Tour Etiquette

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Gemstone Tours are by application only

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