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Best Travel Photos 2018

The following images are some of my best travel photos, and some of the most memorable moments during my research trips in 2018.

Fire Walking |

Witnessing the incredible courage of the fire walker – Sri Lanka

Nine Arch Bridge |

Waiting on the Nine Arch Bridge – Sri Lanka

Young monk boy |

A Buddhist monk aged 10 years carrying his food bowl – Myanmar (Burma)

Su Taung Pyai Pagoda Mandalay | Gemstone Detective

Stunning landscape – Su Taung Pyai Pagoda – Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma)

A successful Opal Show in Lightning Ridge – Australia

Lake Palace Jaipur |

An Indian woman selling nuts (or stones?) near the Lake Palace, Jaipur – India

Best Travel Photos |

Kashmiri women carrying hay for their cattle – Srinigar, Kashmir

Best Travel Photos 2018 |

Kashmiri women returning from a wedding party – Kashmir

Best travel photos |

A Kashmiri woman descaling fish – Kashmir

Pigeon stampede |

A misty morning, sun breaking through and pigeon stampede – Kashmir

Of course, this is just a few of my favourite images chosen out of many images I take on every trip. To see more of my travel images, please visit the web site , where I have created individual galleries for each country in the Gemstone Detective book series. Simply select the country you would like to see.

Kim Rix, GG (GIA)

Gemstone Detective

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