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5 Gemstones for Men

Updated: May 21, 2021

Make your leap year proposal with these gemstones for men

The Leap Year tradition that sees ladies getting down on one knee to propose to their men has got me thinking – why aren’t gemstone engagement rings for men as mainstream as they deserve to be? After all, in 2020 why should men be stuck with a simple metal band while women get to flash the sparklers?

The lack of range on the high-street means you’ll probably want to go bespoke. The upside is that you get to design a ring that truly suits your boyfriend’s tastes. If you’re struggling to find a gemstone that will look good on a chunky ring, here are my top 5 gemstones for men.

Onyx: Onyx is a popular choice for men’s jewellery because its dark, vitreous lustre gives it a brooding, manly appearance. This black gemstone has been associated with masculine energy for thousands of years—the Romans, for example, wore onyx and sardonyx cameo amulets depicting Mars, God of War. It was believed that onyx encouraged strength and courage on the battlefield.

Garnet: If your boyfriend loves the colour red, garnet is a great choice. While ruby tends to have a pinkish tinge, the mix of warmer oranges and browns often found in a red garnet give this handsome gemstone more of an earthy feel. Your man will be in good company—garnet adorned the necks of the pharaohs, and the King of Saxony was said to have owned a garnet weighing a staggering 465 carats!

Lapis lazuli: Arguably the most decorative gem in this list, lapis lazuli is an intense blue colour, sometimes flecked with gold-coloured pyrite. Lapis lazuli has been prized since ancient times and was used in abundance to embellish the famous sarcophagus and mask of Egyptian pharaoh, Tutankhamun. Said to represent truth, wisdom and protection, lapis lazuli makes a fitting gemstone for an engagement ring.

Black star sapphire: Black star sapphire is a ‘phenomenal’ gem—a gemstone that displays an interesting optical effect. In this case, a six-rayed star appears to float across the surface of the stone. This is caused by light bouncing off needle-shaped inclusions (or ‘flaws’) in the stone’s structure. Sapphire is second only to diamond in hardness, so is a good engagement ring gemstone for men with active daily lives.

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Checking the clarity of Jade, Myanmar

Jadeite: The imperial gemstone of China, jadeite is so tough that it was once used to make weapons and tools. Jadeite is the rarer and more valuable of two types of pure jade, the other being nephrite jade. This attractive gemstone occurs in several colours, though the most prized is a translucent, emerald green, found in Myanmar. Used as a stone of protection and healing, jadeite is also said to attract happiness and prosperity. What better gemstone to start your life together?

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