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Romantic Gemstone?

The perfect romantic gemstone for Valentine’s Day… 

When the shops fill up with pink, red and purple, you know that Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us. Instead of chocolates or flowers, why not pick a romantic gemstone as a Valentine’s Day gift?  Here are Gemstone Detective’s top five:


It may be named ‘King of Gemstones’ in India, but according to the Christian Old Testament, the value of rubies is far outweighed by that of a good wife!   

This precious gemstone is the red variety of a mineral called corundum, which at 9 on the Mohs scale is second only to diamond in durability.  Burmese rubies – also known as pigeon blood rubies – are the most prized thanks to their deep, blueish-red hue.  In fact, the blood-red colour of ruby is possibly the reason it has come to be associated with the heat of intense love.  It’s said to ignite feelings of love and passion in the wearer, which makes ruby jewellery an ideal romantic gemstone gift for Valentine’s day.

Rose Quartz

If a bunch of real roses doesn’t quite hit the mark, how about a piece of rose quartz jewellery to express how much you love that special someone? Rose quartz is the stone of relationships and is said to strengthen the bond between lovers.

And if you’ve been feeling the lack of love in the run up to Valentine’s day, it’s said that rose quartz is a powerful magnet for new relationships.


It’s not just its pretty, feminine colour that makes amethyst a romantic gemstone. Did you know that amethyst was said to have been a gemstone favoured by St Valentine, patron saint of love and marriage? Because amethyst is believed to bestow clarity of thought and emotion on its wearer, it is often used to promote honesty and self-knowledge – definitely qualities needed in any strong relationship!


The perfect way to tell your loved one that you love them to the Moon and back, moonstone even has a romantic name. The ethereal blue shimmer that makes this magical gem seem to glow from within, is due to an optical phenomenon called adularescence, which is caused by light bouncing off the internal structure of the stone.

A delicate and feminine gem, moonstone is believed to influence fertility, help women during childbirth and bring good fortune, love and affection to those who wear it.


How could I leave diamond out of a Valentine’s Day blog? Traditional gemstone of engagement rings since the 15th century, diamond’s unparalleled durability makes it the perfect stone to symbolise everlasting love. Diamond company DeBeers thought so too, coming up with one of the world’s most famous advertising straplines – A Diamond is Forever. If you’re thinking about popping the question though, don’t be unduly influenced by the notion that you should spend the equivalent of one, two or even three months’ salary on the ring. That was also a marketing strategy cooked up by DeBeers!

So, which of these five wins your vote for most romantic gemstone for Valentine’s day?

Gemstone Detective – Kim Rix GG (GIA)

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