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How My Adoption Story Helped Me Find My Voice and Embrace My Identity

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Today is National Adoption Day 2023 UK, traditionally celebrated on the Saturday before the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving.  So, what makes this an awareness day close to my heart?  Well, I myself was adopted and this has influenced my love of gemstones in more ways than one!  Who’d have thought it? 

National Adoption Day |

National Adoption Day UK

I haven’t always been Kim. In fact, my birth name was Ruby, so it’s fitting that my favourite gemstone is also ruby – more specifically Tanzanian ruby, which is famous for its clarity and the intensity of its red.    

I became Kermeen through my late Grandfather, Ted Higgins OBE, who was then Head of Social Services in Wandsworth.  He befriended an Indian Social Worker in his team, Roshan Sadri, and they stayed in touch over the years.  She suggested naming me ‘Kermeen’ when I was born – a name which later became shortened to ‘Kim’. I didn’t meet her until I was 14, but when we were finally introduced, she became an aunt to me.  She was by then a very successful businesswoman, and I was fascinated by the exquisite rings and jewellery she wore.  She had a wonderful collection of jewels was definitely a big influence on my taste for the finer things in life!  When sadly she died in 2004, she left me a beautiful gold heart diamond pendant, which I shall treasure always.   

Even before meeting Roshan, I was captivated by gemstones and jewellery.  When I was six years old, I was chosen to represent the Independent Adoption Society and present a bunch of flowers to Princess Alexandra at the premiere screening of Jaws in 1975.  I was thrilled, and couldn’t wait to meet a real princess.  More to the point, I couldn’t wait to feast my eyes on all the dazzling jewels I was sure she’d be wearing.  Imagine my disappointment when this turned out not to be the case!  Princess Alexandra, to her credit, was very gentle when I asked her, “Where’s your crown?” 

There’s one more aspect to my Gemstone Detective journey that my adoption has influenced: world-wide travel.  I have a very well-travelled family, who now live all over the world.  Over the years, I listened to their stories and watched them pack suitcases, looking forward to the day when I could do the same.  Eventually, I realised that if I didn’t do something about it, life would pass me by.     

My adoption is a huge part of who I am, so on National Adoption Day 2023 UK, I’m saying hello to all my fellow adoptees. 

What’s your story? 

Kim Rix, GG GIA

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