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Six gemstones for Pride Month

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

June is Pride Month, a month to celebrate LGBTQ+ communities all over the world, so let’s have a look at some gemstones that reflect the colours and meaning of the famous rainbow Pride flag!

Gemstones for Pride |

Gemstones for Pride: a symbol of Pride, the colours of the striped Pride flag echo the colours of the rainbow, with each colour symbolising a positive concept. The colours come together to represent humankind’s diverse community.

Red: life

Red garnet has been associated with the heart and blood since ancient times, so is a good choice to represent life-giving energy. Particularly appropriate for Pride, red garnet is also said to enhance vitality, self-confidence and sexuality.

Garnets for Pride |


Orange: healing

Carnelian is traditionally used to help its wearer to overcome trauma and abuse. A powerful and dynamic stone, carnelian is said to impart energy to both body and mind, restoring lost courage and vitality. The 18th century German writer and statesman, Goethe, wrote that carnelian ‘drives away all evil things,’ making it a good choice to protect against intolerance and homophobia.

Carnelian |

Yellow: sunlight

Many cultures associate amber with the warmth and energy of the sun. Ancient Greek poet, Homer, in his epic poem The Odyssey, described the precious gift of a necklace ‘set with amber beads, that glowed as if with sunshine.’ Said to absorb negative energy and pain, this beautiful, organic gemstone will certainly bring light and positivity into your life.

Amber Gems |

Green: nature

Soothing green jadeite jade is believed to be a nurturing gemstone that instils peace and self-acceptance in its wearer. Its colour represents the energy of the natural world and is often used to help create positive channels for wealth and abundance.

Jade for Pride month |

Blue: harmony and peace

Lapis lazuli is a gemstone of friendship and sociability. Many people use this intense blue stone to help free themselves of anger, frustration and resentment, and so find inner peace. Lapis lazuli is also thought to increase self-awareness and understanding of one’s motivations.

Lapis Lazuli for Pride month |

Violet: spirit

A gemstone said to have powerful metaphysical properties, amethyst is regarded as the stone to use for spiritual protection, helping the wearer to achieve inner balance and emotional intelligence. If you’re thinking about another meaning of the word ‘spirit’, amethyst was traditionally used to guard against drunkenness – the word ‘amethyst’ means ‘not intoxicated’ in Ancient Greek!

Gemstones for Pride |

Happy Pride Month!

Kim Rix GG GIA

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