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5 Popular Gem Cuts

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Gem Cuts – what does your favourite gem cut say about you?

The cut of a gemstone can refer to its shape, its cutting style or a mixture of both. Many people find that they’re drawn to gems with a particular cut – is this true for you?

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Here are five popular gem cuts and what they say about you:

Round Brilliant cut

The round brilliant cut is a bestseller as it combines a classic shape with a cutting style designed to produce maximum sparkle. People who choose this cut tend to be happy, sociable and content in their own skin. They don’t feel that they need to mark themselves out as being ‘different’ as they’re fine with who they are.

Oval cut

The oval cut has become even more popular after Prince William presented Kate Middleton with his mother’s oval cut sapphire ring. If you love an oval cut gem, you’re probably refined and classy with a great sense of classic style.

Emerald cut

Not just for emeralds any more, this cut is great to show off a gem’s depth of colour. The stepped cut became popular in the art deco period. If you find yourself drawn to this cut, you’re a deep thinker – possibly even an introvert – and love chic, stylish accessories.

Marquise cut

The marquise cut is an oval with pointed ends – sometimes described as a boat or eye shape. It’s a vintage cut and less common in engagement rings than it used to be. If the boat shaped gem floats your boat, you’ll probably lean towards an unusual, eclectic style.  You’re sharp witted and don’t suffer fools gladly.

Cabochon cut

The cabochon cut is a rounded shape with no facets.  It’s often seen on stones like moonstone and opal or any gem with striking patterns or variations. If you love a cabochon cut, you’re probably romantic and a dreamer.  You like floaty, feminine styles and may even be a bit of a hippy at heart!

So, how does this fit with you? Is it bang on or does it get you totally wrong? Let me know in the comments below!

Kim Rix, GG (GIA)

Be sure. Be smart. Buy with confidence.

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