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Debunked: Unravelling the Truth Behind Common Gemstone Myths

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Lustre and rare gems have always been fascinating to people, which is no wonder considering they have amazing stories and legends behind them. They are known to be amazingly valuable, but I am not talking about monetary worth only. Namely, many myths and truths about gemstones have made them really powerful, so it is not surprising that today they are regarded as precious stones that induce fascination.

1. Gemstones are found in caves

One of the most known truths about gemstones is that they have been found in caves and used as jewellery in the old times. It is believed that this happened 5,000 years ago. Therefore, it is no surprise that nowadays, they are considered the most precious rocks used in necklaces and rings!

2. Emerald is believed to have healing properties

Emerald is known as a precious stone with healing properties among ancient civilisations. According to the myths about gemstones, emerald was worshipped by The Inca because they thought anyone touching this precious stone would be healed immediately. Therefore, they offered small emeralds at the shrine of the goddess of faith, Umina.

3. Amber and its link to safety at sea

Many myths about gemstones claim that the precious rock amber was used by sailors in ancient times to protect themselves from sea monsters. Oddly enough, they burned amber to ensure safety!

4. Gemstones are only for the rich

Among the biggest truths about gemstones is that they are quite valuable stones, so they are only worn by rich people! However, this is only partly true because even people who are not rich can purchase a gemstone at a low carat, considering that the price depends on the stone's carat.

5. Only four gemstones are regarded as precious

One of the greatest misconceptions about gemstones is that only four are precious and valuable. People have believed that only diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds are precious stones, while many others are on the list.

6. Tourmaline has achieved its colours through the rainbow

Since the tourmaline is a stone in nearly all colours, it was believed that it has travelled through the rainbow before reaching the earth's surface. That is why now we have such a colourful gemstone.

7. Golden topaz used to save people from poison

The golden topaz has achieved the name imperial topaz because it was believed that it changed colours in the presence of poisoned drinks or food. Therefore, back in the day, they thought it saved emperors from being poisoned in ancient times!

8. Gemstones are only worn for astrological reasons

One of the greatest misconceptions about gemstones is that they are only worn due to astrological reasons, i.e. alignment of the stars. However, gemstones are used in jewellery, and many precious pieces of jewellery would not have had the valuable status if not for the gemstones included in them.

9. Sapphires were believed to have magical powers

Throughout history, it was believed that wearing sapphires could heal you! However, some even thought they had to be consumed to work their magic. Thankfully we live in a modern era where you don’t have to eat sapphires with your cereal to save you!

10. Male and female rubies

Even though in ancient India, rubies were believed to have sprung from where the blood of the demon Vala fell, the ancient Romans and Greeks were certain that there were genders when it came to rubies! The male ones were those more sparkly and brilliant, while the female ones had a weaker lustre. Naturally, this is only a myth – there are no such things as genders regarding gemstones!

Interesting don't you think?

As you can see, many myths and truths about gemstones depict their valuable and precious properties. Although many beliefs may not be true about these beautiful stones, it goes without saying that gemstones induce enchantment, and they will always be alluring!

If you want to learn more about gemstones and discover their real stories, purchase the Worldwide book, which contains all the 'need to know' about these precious rocks.

Kim Rix GG GIA

Be sure. Be smart. Buy with confidence

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