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Gemstones: is it real? Is it worth it? Is it valuable?

Imagine yourself on a dream vacation: pristine beaches, vibrant markets, delicious food, and the scent of exotic flowers filling the air. It's the perfect getaway, and you want a memento to hold onto these incredible memories.

Perhaps you're celebrating a special occasion - an engagement, a reunion with friends, or simply the thrill of exploring a new part of the world. A beautiful piece of jewellery feels like the ideal way to commemorate this experience.

But where do you begin? How can you be sure the gemstone you're considering is genuine? Is it real? Natural? Valuable? Is it a real sapphire, a different stone, or even just glass?

This is exactly why I created the Gemstone Detective series - to empower you to find the perfect gem abroad with confidence and avoid getting cheated.

As a lifelong gem enthusiast with qualifications from the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA), I've spent the last decade travelling in search of stunning gemstones and capturing them through my lens. Along the way, I've had the privilege of collaborating with leading gemmologists and building lasting relationships with honest people within the gem trade - hard-working miners, dealers, and jewellers who dedicate themselves to supporting their families and communities.

The world of gemstones can be overwhelming. With so much conflicting information online, it's hard to know whom to trust. That's where the Gemstone Detective series comes in. Each book equips you with the local knowledge you need to feel confident about finding a genuine gemstone at a fair price.

But these books go beyond saving you money. They're about the adventure, the romance, and the joy of discovering a unique treasure abroad. It's about creating a lasting connection between your gemstone and the unforgettable memories of your trip. Every time you wear that piece of jewellery, it brings back a spark of that holiday magic, a reminder of the incredible experience you had.

I hope this blog inspires you to embark on your own gem-hunting adventure! Happy travels and a great holiday!

Kim Rix, GG GIA

Be sure. Be smart. Buy with confidence

Gemstone Detective

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