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The alternative engagement ring

Why not make a stand-out statement this February the 14th with a ‘Love Yourself Ring’ instead of the traditional hearts and flowers.  The frenzy around Valentine’s day can be really tiresome if you’re not in a relationship, boringly commercial if you are, and downright painful if you’re widowed or divorced.   A ‘Love Yourself Ring’ is an investment piece ring that you buy for yourself as an affirmation of self-care and acceptance.  Here’s why it’s better for your soul than an engagement ring...

It’s a powerful statement

Heads up—it’s not the 1950s anymore!  Women don’t need to wait around for men to buy them an investment piece of jewellery.  Some serious bling is a statement to the world that you can stand on your own two feet.  A ‘Love Yourself Ring’ also says loud and clear that you—just you—are enough. 

It’s a commitment to yourself

That ring on your finger acts as a reminder that you have invested in yourself.  It’s a sparkling token of your commitment to looking after your mind and body.  You could even choose a gemstone that is said to support mental and physical health.  Crystal healers recommend ruby for self-confidence, determination and energy.  For inner-peace, personal growth and intuition, try moonstone.

You have more options

Engagement ring choices are often hampered by tradition: the cost of the ring, the type of gemstone and the finger it’s worn on.  When you’re choosing a ‘Love Yourself Ring’, you’re not bound by these things.  Being able to wear your ring on any finger you wish gives you much more freedom in terms of size and style.  This makes life easier when you’re shopping for antique rings that might not be easily re-sized.  You can choose a beautiful yet very unusual gemstone or a really quirky design, which few people tend to pick for an engagement ring.

Alternative Engagement Ring |

Alternative engagement ring – Spessartite Garnet from Tanzania (image courtesy of The Rock Hound)

You get to choose exactly what you want

It’s surprisingly tricky to buy jewellery for someone else, so buying a ‘Love Yourself Ring’ means that you’re guaranteed to get the perfect ring for you. Think about what message you want to convey to yourself and the world and choose a style to match. Remember to think about where you will be wearing your ring. Will it be worn only on special occasions or every day? If the latter, pick a stone that’s durable enough to cope with life’s knocks and bumps—just like you.

And don’t forget that you are allowed to buy yourself a big, flashy diamond if that’s what you want.  There’s no law saying diamonds are just for the engagement ring! Check out our diamond buying guide in the Worldwide book.

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Be sure. Be smart. Buy with confidence

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