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Are You An Experience Hunter, Memento Collector Or Happy Snapper?

Updated: May 18, 2022

Here’s a little bit of fun to celebrate the end of our second UK lockdown—5 types of traveller who I think should join me on my next adventure.  Which one are you?   

Types of Traveller |

5 Types of Traveller – which one are you?

In 2020 you were probably a frustrated traveller—I certainly was! However, with a Covid vaccine on the horizon, worldwide travel is looking like it’ll be back on the agenda for 2021. Personally, I cannot wait to get back on the road, doing what brings me joy and fulfilment—introducing my Gemstone Tour guests to a plethora of gems in some amazing locations.

So, are you…

Types of traveller: The Experience Hunter? 

Always up for new experiences, the Experience Hunter is looking for unusual ways to make their holiday different from everybody else’s.  A location undiscovered by the mainstream tourist trade, full of bustling street markets, intriguing architecture and unfamiliar traditions—this is what the experience hunter thrives on.  My tours to Mogok, Myanmar’s Valley of the Rubies, take in the sights, sounds and beautiful gemstones of this hitherto closely guarded location and are definitely something for the Experience Hunter’s bucket list! 


Types of traveller: The Itinerary Enthusiast? 

Nothing makes this traveller happier than a schedule.  Not one for lying on a beach or whiling away the hours at a street café, the Itinerary Enthusiast loves to pack their days with novel experiences.  Itinerary enthusiasts will love the activities I include on my Tour schedules.  Watching gems being cut and set, visiting mines, fossicking for gemstones and treasure, learning how to negotiate the markets… You’ll end the day buzzing with what you’ve seen and done! 


Types of traveller: The Happy Snapper 

We live in an age of selfies, but the Happy Snapper is more interested in capturing the local atmosphere than posing in front of a temple.  I’m a professional photographer as well as a gemmologist, so it’s important to me that I have an honest and authentic photographic record of my travels.  The Happy Snappers among you will be thrilled that Tour locations go big on jawdropping scenery, colourful local culture and dazzling architecture. 


Types of traveller: The Memento Collector 

Who hasn’t succumbed to a cheap piece of holiday tat at some point in their life?  You might be surprised to learn that I was once scammed into buying an imitation ruby on holiday—it’s what kicked off my urge to learn more about gemstones and qualify as a gemmologist.  The Memento Collector knows this temptation well so has made a vow to spend their money only on genuinely beautiful items that help boost the local economy.  On a Gemstone Tour, The Memento Collector can splash out in the confidence that they’ll truly appreciate their purchase long after the return flight has touched down. 


Types of traveller: The Foodie 

After a fun-packed schedule of exciting experiences, photo opportunities and shopping, what better than sampling the local culinary delights?  There’s always something for the Foodie on a Gemstone Detective Tour as I hunt out the best places to eat, as recommended by locals in the know.  My Mogok tour guests loved the traditional dishes of Myanmar and couldn’t get enough of unique local delicacies laphet and mohinga, as well as the abundance of fragrant curries.   



Do you recognise yourself in any of these types of traveller?  Or are you, like me, a bit of all 5? 

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Kim Rix GG GIA

Gemstone Detective

Be sure. Be smart. Buy with confidence

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